Sunucu Bilgisi

  • Sunucu Versiyonu 3558
  • NA | EU Worldwide Servers
  • Free to Download and Play
  • Up to Date Working Retail Content
  • Free Pearl Rewards Every 30 mins
  • Canavar exp oranı: 10x
  • Canavar eşya düşürme oranı: 10x
  • Yaşam exp oranı: 5x
  • At exp oranı: 3x
  • Bilgi edinme exp oranı: 5x
  • Tendency exp oranı: 5x
  • Fitness exp oranı: 5x
  • Lonca beceri exp oranı: 5x
  • Beceri exp oranı: 5x
  • Balıkçılık eşya düşürme oranı: 2x
  • Toplama eşya düşürme oranı: 10x
  • Steal drop rates: 10x
  • Monster junk drop amount: 2x

Every 30 minutes of gameplay on GamezBD you will obtain 80 pearls.
Pearls can be used in Pearl Shop to buy useful items like outfits, pets, boost items and many others.
To receieve pearls you need open Black Spirit Safe (bottom right corner of screen have this icon).

Premium users obtain extra bonus to pearls incoming:
  • +20 Pearls - Just enabled Premium.
  • +25 Pearls - Premium during 1 month.
  • +30 Pearls - Premium during 3 month.
  • +35 Pearls - Premium during 6 month.
  • +40 Pearls - Premium during 1 year.

If player took a break in premium prolongation then he come to the first level +20 Pearls.

GamezBD offer you few chat commands. Make sure you switch chat to General before using it.

".rescue" - You can use this command if your character is stuck. You will be teleported in Velia. Cooldown 5 minutes.

".loc" - This command will type your real coordinates in world in system chat. Can be useful for report bugs.

".drop reset filter" - Command for Reset settings of custom Drop Filter System.

Kolka - that npc located near marketplaces in main territory capitals. Can exchange Cartian Spell, Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll, Pila Fe Scroll to 3-4 Memory Fragments. Additionally can exchange Artisan's Memory to 10 x Caphras Stone

Ottavio Ferre - NPC for cleanse gear stay in 2 places in Velia. Second place is custom - near blacksmith Tarran Underfoe for more comfortable enchanting.

Juana Teron - Altar of Blood investigator. Needed for 18 chapter of Bartali Adventurer. Located in Velia, right from marketplace director.

Character Level: 70 - there is max level which player can reach on current game version on GamezBD.

Contribution Points: 1000 - there is a cap for max contribution points that player can have in GamezBD.

Character count: 22 and 3 - you may create limited count of characters. Its 22 per Normal and 3 Trial characters.

Barter limit: 2b/day - every day one player can sell barter items not more than 2b per day profit.

Trade limit.: 400m/day - every day one player can sell not more than 400m silver total deal to trade managers.

Download telegram:

You can use also Android or iOS versions of that chat app.

Main GamezBD channel - News, Patch notes, Server Maintenance, Statuses and Announcements.

Chat channels - list of all GamezBD channels for different language speaking people, GamezBD bots and Informer channels.

NA Server Bot (@gamezbd_na_bot) and EU Server Bot (@gamezbd_eu_bot) - Bot for check siege timers, boss schedule, players online count and server time for server. You can send music or character template file to bot and bot will answer you with converted file to GamezBD format.

GamezBD EU Informer and GamezBD NA Informer - Channel where in real-time bosses damage stats, siege stats, server status for server.

GameZFSCalculator (@GameZFSCalculatorBot) - Enchantment calculator for GamezBD custom enchant formula.


Auto Use items

Access to Auto Use items (Gamez Config Panel)


Combat/Skill/Life/Horse Exp +30%

- This buff stack with other player buffs.

Karma Exp Gain +100%

- Karma for killing monsters increased x2, so you spend less time for restore karma after evil actions.

Weight Limit Increase +500LT

- Icrease weight limit of all characters on account, stack with other bonuses.

Family Bag Weight Increase +250LT

- Icrease weight limit of family inventory on account, stack with other bonuses.

Reduced Karma Loss by 50%

- You lose x2 less karma for evil actions.

Luck +1

- Stack with other luck stats. Cap is 5.

Inventory/Storage Expansion +8

- Additional space to inventory/storage. If premium end - slots back to locked state.

Marketplace Collection +20% (Excluding Pearl Items)

- This bonus stack with Value pack bonus so you can have total 50%+ silver bonus. But you always pay tax on market. Here example of calculation: You sell item for 100 silver. You pay 35 silver tax. Now if u not have Value Pack and Premium you will just collect 65 silver. But if you have Value Pack (+30% silver) you will collect 65 + 19.5 (thats 30% of 65) = 84,5 silver. And if you have Value Pack (30%) and Premium (20%) then you collect 65 + 19.5 (Value Pack) + 13 (Premium) = 97.5 silver. If you also wear Merchant Ring and make your bonus to more than 100 silver, then it be capped by max item price 100 silver and you will deal without tax.

Weight Limit +500LT

- Customly we add +500LT to your character and also for Value Pack (in-game bag premium) we have customly added 1000LT, so total Value Pack and Gamez Blessing will give you +1500LT.

Enhancement (FS) Chance Rates +30%

- GamezBD have custom enchant formula, where every FS give static bonus, so you feel harder to enchant low ter items like PRI, DUO, TRI, but after you got some fails its more effective and fairly give you more chances to get TET or PEN. Here you can check calculator to see differenct Prem and not Prem effect: GamezBD Failstack Calculator.

Reduced Horse Mating Time to 36min

- You wait less time to mating horses in stables.

Greatly Increased T9/T10 Horse Acquisition Rate

- By default T9 basic chance is 1% and 0.2% per 1 fail-stack. With premium you have 5% basic chance and 2% per fail-stack. For T10 horses buff is simple: 3% chance if no Premium and 6% chance if have Premium.

Increased Pearls to 100 every 30min

- by default all GamezBD players obtain 80 pearls compensation for every bug in game every 30 min. Premium users receive extra 20 pearls. Also long time not disable premium give you advantage in pearl incoming which is explained in option "Free Pearls every 30 minute for all players".

Access to Drop Filter

- Custom band GamezBD system to more comfortable manage drop incoming from grind. Its detailed explained on option "Custom GamezBD Drop Filter for Premium users".

Required Parley for Barter -20%

- Parley needed for generate new barter lists. Value Pack give -10% bonus on spending it. And Premium users get additionally -20% on spending Parley when bartering.

Home Points

- In Gamez Blessing menu you will have special map where you can save home locations and teleport to this locations with 30 min cooldown. Up to 3 locations avaiable.

Monster Aggro Limit Controls

- You will be allowed to enable or disable monster aggro limit (amount how many monsters can aggro on you in same time).

Sheriff or Bounty Hunting system means when some player (even with +karma) kill another player then victim can report killer to Klau [Old Moon Manager] in Velia (Goblin who also sell Marni Unstable Fuel) and make request on arrest aggressor. After that any other player can take this order and kill aggressor without any penalty. Aggressor will be sent to jail even when situation happen in non desert locations. Sheriff obtain fame for arrests. Every month all sheriffs receive rewards for place in top by fame:

Karma Exp Gain +100% - Karma for killing monsters increased x2, so you spend less time for restore karma after evil actions.

    Reduced Karma Loss by 50% - You lose x2 less karma for evil actions.
  • 1 place: 1x Advice of Valks (+70), 2x [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box
  • 2-3 place: 1x Advice of Valks (+60), 1x [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box
  • 4-6 place: 1x Advice of Valks (+50), 1x [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box
  • 7-10 place: 1x Advice of Valks (+40), 1x [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box II
  • 11-15 place: 1x Advice of Valks (+30), 1x [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box II
  • 16-20 place: 1x Advice of Valks (+20), 50x Cron Stone
  • 21-30 place: 1x Advice of Valks (+20), 30x Cron Stone
  • 31-40 place: 1x Advice of Valks (+20), 20x Cron Stone
  • 41-50 place: 1x Advice of Valks (+20), 10x Cron Stone
  • 51-60 place: 30x Cron Stone
  • 61-80 place: 20x Cron Stone
  • 81 place: 10x Cron Stone

All chances to drop items from monsters is x10 buffed on Gamez. For example if in original game chance to obtain Item#1 is 5%, then on Gamez you will get this item from monster with 50% chance. But if item chance is 100% in original game, that just mean you will get this item always on Gamez same like in original game.

Drop nerf to x1 on mount - If your character ride horse or another mount, then your drop chance from x10 convert to x1 and you get x10 less chance to obtain item until you dismount on foot.

Drop nerf to x1 while summoned instance monster - If your character summon boss and become invisible to other players, then drop x10 chance you obtain only from this boss. If you come and kill any other non instance monsters, then your chance to get item from these monsters will be x1.

We have special bot in telegram, which reward streamers for making content about GamezBD.

If you are a streamer on twitch, then you can participate in that and 100% obtain exclusive violet title "ON AIR" (title disappear if you not stream during 3 month). There is no restriction to participate. You just need to have a twitch channel, type GamezBD word in stream title (for example "I start play in GamezBD" or "Me killing others on GamezBD"). After it send pm in telegram to @kolkasan with your family name in game and twitch url.

Every night our telegram bot show statistics of streams ( Top 5 streamers by views 100% obtain +1 day premium (Gamez Blessing) and 15 random streamers everyday obtain also +1 day premium for free.

We also recommend use of our referral link in twitch (You can get your link in Gamez control panel on left sidebar menu option called "Referral Rewards"). Every player who registered by your link and activated premium will automatically add 1000 cash in your account in game.