Server Rules

I. General Rules

  • You may not use cheats, automated software, hacks, or any type of unauthorized third-party software designed to modify client behavior (especially to gain an advantage) unless authorized to do so by Gamez Network Management.
  • You may not use or exploit any type of glitch, bug or unintended feature for personal gain. This rule also covers the communication of such bugs, it is strictly prohibited to encourage or inform any other user of bugs which may be abused to disturb game balance. All bugs should be reported directly to staff via a pm
    Note: If you believe a bug is too game breaking to be reported openly you can PM it directly to our staff members
  • Multi-boxing (logging in multiple accounts) is not permitted
    Disagreeing with the punishment of a staff member in-game is not acceptable. Bans can be appealed by sending a pm to [email protected]
  • You may not propagate rumors and slander about the server or GamezNetwork Staff.
    While playing you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass or threaten other players.
  • You may not impersonate any staff member of the GamezNetwork.
  • You may not modify any part of the client without permission from the staff.
  • You may not advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying or selling items/characters/accounts or services for real-world cash (Better known as RMT).
  • You may not organize nor be a member of any pledges or groups within Gamez that are based on or encourage any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, or other hate mongering philosophies.
  • Do not spam at all in-game, this includes trade spam.
  • Do not beg for items.
  • Scamming players is strictly prohibited.
  • No advertising of any other private server.
  • Inappropriate names will not be allowed, while we will take this on a case to case basis upon the severity of the name it will be changed by the administration.
  • Creating more than 3 accounts for personal use or exploitation is forbidden.

II. Tips

  • You are the one responsible of your Gamez account information. We will not ask your account info neither password. Should your account be compromised it is your responsibility to deal with, we cannot compensate for a player's inability or unwillingness to ensure their account data is secure.
  • We strongly recommend to not share your account information with anyone, especially if you don't know the person in real life. If you do so, we will be unable to compensate you if your account is stolen.
  • Visiting sites providing dubious or illegal content can result in your computer being infected even if you don't download anything at all.

III. Laws

  • You absolutely may NOT disrupt or hack any computer used to support the Gameznetwork. Any attempt to enforce disruption against our network will be dealt with accordingly.
  • During your time on our realms you may not encourage or broadcast breaking any laws (local or otherwise)

In-Game Punishments

  1. Harassment / Racism / Other offensive language / Spam
    (This requires substantial proof)
    These are dependent on the severity. Punishments may differ from this list.
    First Offense: 3 Day temporary ban
    Second Offense: 7 Day temporary ban
    Third Offense: 14 Day temporary ban
    Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban

  2. Auto-Farming
    AFK taping a mouse button down is a no-go.
    Anything automated such as placing objects on the keyboard is considered an exploit.
    If player is caught AFK letting his summons kill monsters around.
    Any macros or third party software are not permitted.
    First offense: Account Ban for 3 days
    Second offense: Permanent Ban

  3. Bug abusing
    Any disruptive abuse of a bug that causes a hindrance to others play or may cause imbalances in the game.
    First offense: 48 hours of temporary ban
    Second Offense: Permanent Ban

  4. Impeding Game-play / Fair-play
    Actions which include but are not limited to the following, Death Abuse, Certain Skill Abuse, Hide Abuse, Mount Abuse, etc.
    Bans for these require certain proof, with out 100% Perfect Proof, the reports will be denied with out any question.
    Any action which can be viewed as to gain unfair advantages over other players (with-in normal means not related to hacking, cheats, etc.). Subject to case by case review by H.GM and Admins upon such as deemed necessary.

    Warning: 1 hour Temp Ban (given on skill abuse)
    First offense: 12 hours of Temp Ban.
    Second Offense: 48 hours of Temp Ban.
    Third Offense: 7 Day Ban
    Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban

Permanent Bans (Account Termination) [For ALL Servers]

  1. Duping
    If a player is caught duplicating any items, he/she
    If you are caught asking how to dupe or asking how players to help dupe
    If caught with duped items, you will still receive an account ban

  2. Scamming / Phishing / Advertising
    There are further actions that can and will be used if required.
    If a player is reported/caught and found guilty
    Attempting to scam other players in any fashion
    Posting False GamezNetwork Links (Scam Links)
    Advertising other Servers etc.

  3. Speed Hacking/Damage Hacking/No animation Hacking/etc
    If a player is reported/caught and found guilty

  4. GM Impersonators
    If a player is reported/caught using a staff name or GM tag
    eg. <Admin>,<HeadGM>,<SeniorAM>,<AM>,<TraineeAM>
    Any iteration of a staff in-game name

  5. RMT
    If a player is reported/caught trading an item(s) using Real Money
    Either Buyer, Seller, or Middle Persons it does not matter which you are